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Libraries matter. Is it important to understand why? Absolutely.

How libraries matter is different in each community, and understanding how libraries provide services specific to their members, and how they become centers of their communities, is an integral part of the puzzle. Every library should re-imagine itself, not in a vacuum, but as a community organization with a unique and essential role. Doing so will help us answer not only the question of whether libraries matter now but will also help us understand how libraries will continue to matter moving forward.

Re-Imagining Public Libraries
Mantra Roy
OCLC WebJunction

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Brooklyn Museum changes Social Media Strategy



I think anyone who works on a social media with a collection needs to read this.  [Spoiler:  One insight is BE ON TUMBLR]

this is brilliant. use what works, dump what doesn’t. the only “magic bullet” in successful outreach is to know your audience. I only said that for drama, I have no facts to back it up. but I bet it’s true.

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Every Day I’m Tumbling

"If Pinterest is a cabinet of wonders, Tumblr is more like an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant where delicacies come to you via conveyor belt." 

This is pretty much a perfect quote — I wish I could fit it into my essay on social media in libraries.

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